Seriously?  How does it work?

We will send our technician to your home for an initial visit.  During that visit, we meet you and your pet(s) and will submit a proposal for the cost of your initial clean up and weekly services.  Once approved, you will sign a permission waiver so we may safely enter your property.  That's all there is to it! 

Do we have to sign a contract?

We do not offer contracts.  Our services are month to month and can be canceled at any time with a 30-day notice.

What about our Pacific NW Weather?

We work in all weather.  Snow may delay our services, but we will always let you know if we are forced to reschedule your service.

What are the main benefits?

We believe that having a safer, cleaner yard is the main benefit.  We also pay close attention to any changes in your pets "poo routine" and will inform you if we see any parasites, worms or other objects.

What do you do with the "poop"?

We follow the regulations set up by the cities and counties in which we service our customers.  In both King and Pierce Counties, we are required to double bag the waste and place it in the customers receptacle.   

What if my dog has "tummy" problems?

Just like people, our pets can get upset stomachs and it presents itself when they "poo."  We do our best to get as much of it as we can - which can be difficult at times.  We recommend seeking guidance from your veterinarian if your pet shows any type of change in his/her waste.  It's important to keep an eye on this as it could be a sign of serious illness.  

Do you do anything special so we can be sure our yard is safe?

Absolutely!  We disinfect after every stop -  cleaning our boots, tools and rakes.  We are very careful when leaving and make sure that all gates and doors are secure.

How do I start?

Give us a call at  1-888-DOGYDOO  to schedule your initial visit!  

You can also email us at 

Or clink the link to Contact Us

If you would like a free quote or to sign up for service, contact us.

we scoop the poo so you don't have to! let us help.

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