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Weekly Pricing
One dog - $14.00  Two Dogs - $17.00  Three Dogs - $20.00 Four Dogs - $23.00
Plus applicable sales tax
Each additional dog is $3.00 per visit.

Initial Scooping Fee or One Time Cleaning
$40 For the first bag
$15 for each additional bag

During our initial FREE yard consultation, we will assess the condition of the yard and the accumulation of waste.  At that time you will receive an estimate for the services you request.  

The initial scoop fee is charged when a yard has an accumulation of waste and will take extra time and supplies to complete.  If a yard hasn't been scooped for more than a week, an initial fee may be charged. Initial clean up must be paid at the time of service.

All of our services are pre-paid.  We invoice our clients on the 1st for the following month.  All payments must be received by the 20th and will be considered late after the 25th.  A $10 late fee will be assessed at that time.

We value our customers and want to provide the best services possible.  
Pricing is subject to change based on fuel prices, sales tax increases, and the overall cost of doing business.  All current clients will be notified in writing before any price increases occur.

90-day pre-pay option available upon request.

We offer discounts for all active/retired military, fire, police and rescue as well as seniors, and rescued pets.


we scoop the poo so you don't have to! let us help.
Pet Waste Removal Services 

​Serving Pierce County and South King County